Modern Load Balancing — Bring the Public Cloud Experience

For businesses today, the ability to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy, and update applications is paramount. The infrastructure powering applications needs to deliver the efficiency of cloud operating models. The software-defined platform delivers applications consistently across bare metal servers, virtual machines and containers to ensure a fast, scalable, and secure application experience.

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Discover the benefits of load balancing. See how Avi Networks helps re-imagine load balancing by separating control planes and data planes, letting you automate and manage from a central point. 

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VMware is entering the application delivery controller (ADC) market as a strong leader with the acquisition of Avi Networks — an enterprise-grade, software-defined load balancing and web application firewall (WAF) solution.

Multi-Cloud Load Balancing for Dummies

Learn about a modern software-defined platform that delivers multi-cloud load balancing, WAF and container services.

Consistent Application Delivery Across Multi-Cloud Environments

Multi-Cloud Consistency

Simplify administration with centralized policies and operational consistency across on-premises data centers and public clouds, including VMware, OpenStack, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Pervasive Analytics

Gain unprecedented insights, including network, end users and security with real-time application performance monitoring, closed-loop analytics and deep machine learning.

Full Lifecycle Automation

Free infrastructure teams from manual tasks and enable DevOps teams with self-service. Application delivery automation toolkits include Python SDK, RESTful APIs, Ansible and Terraform integrations.

Future Proof

Extend application services such as container ingress and application security seamlessly to cloud-native applications in Kubernetes and OpenShift environments through a single platform with a modern, distributed architecture.

Accelerate Enterprise Cloud Transformation

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