Streamline Intelligent Operational Management


Add intelligent operations management and automation to your data center through vSphere with Operations Management. Monitor and manage health and performance, plan and optimize capacity, intelligently place and rebalance workloads for application performance, use predictive analytics to get smart alerts and ensure security hardening compliance. 


vSphere Use Case: Intelligent Operations Management and Automation

Health Monitoring and Performance Management

Get smart alerts about health degradations, performance bottlenecks and capacity shortfalls. Visually trace degradations in health or performance back to specific configuration changes at the infrastructure and guest OS levels. Quickly identify and analyze performance anomalies, faults, resource constraints and bottlenecks with in-depth views into all areas of your infrastructure. Simplify deployment and proactively manage compute, memory and storage resources with centralized control.


Get Powerful Health and Performance Management

Smart Alerts with Problem Description, Remediation Guidance and Automated Action

Intuitive Dashboard for Intelligent Operations Management

Capacity Planning and Optimization

See performance trends, projections and extended forecasts, to get guidance in intelligent capacity planning to address future needs. Identify overprovisioned VMs at a glance and right-size them to reclaim unused resources and boost consolidation ratios.


Do More With Less, Using Powerful Capacity Optimization and Planning

Capacity Planning and Risk Avoidance with Time Remaining Dashboard


Capacity Planning Basics

Intelligent Workload Placement and Rebalance

See how your workloads are utilized across data centers, clusters, and hosts. The Rebalance Action resolves contention and enables performance with an easy click to rebalance the data center. Tight integration with VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) preserves the performance of workloads while balancing them across clusters. vRealize Operations determines cross-cluster placement opportunities while DRS determines the best destination within clusters. All DRS affinity/anti-affinity rules & constraints are honored, and you can retain and leverage the enterprise class readiness capabilities of DRS (FT, HA, SRM, etc.).


Eliminate Resource Contention with Intelligent Workload Placement and Rebalance


Intelligent Workload Placement with vRealize Operations

Watch this video to learn how vRealize Operations helps resolve resource contention and balances workloads across clusters, using Intelligent Workload Placement.

Predictive Load Balancing

Predictive load balancing, provided by Predictive DRS, is a game-changing new technology that leverages self-learning and predictive analytics provided by vSphere with Operations Management. It learns your environment and based on usage patterns, it preemptively rebalances your workloads in advance of upcoming demands and spikes, eliminating resource contention before it happens. This ensures your applications remain performant and your workloads get all the resources they need. It is extremely useful in a wide variety of scenarios including applications that are latency sensitive or experience regular spikes in demand.


Ensure Performance with Predictive Load Balancing

Self-Learning and Predictive Analytics

Self-learning algorithms and predictive analytics correlate monitoring data and provide intelligent alerts on underlying performance issues with clear recommendations for corrective action, enabling faster problem resolution. Gain comprehensive visibility with over 600 vSphere performance indicators to manage operational health and risks. Dynamic thresholds adapt to your environment, significantly reducing false alerts.


Conceptual Video - Alerts and Symptoms

Self-Learning and Predictive Analytics provide Meaningful Insights and Automated Remediation

Compliance through Security Hardening

Continuously ensure vSphere hardening compliance for all aspects of virtual and physical infrastructure. Detailed templates show you the posture of your environment against hundreds of hardening conditions, so you can quickly drill into non-compliant areas and remediate. Schedule compliance checking jobs to run automatically at any frequency you desire. Identify changes early on and automate remediation. Correlate change events to performance degradation occurring at any level of the environment.


Get Comprehensive Built-in Security that is Operationally Simple


vSphere Hardening - VMware vRealize Operations 6

Compliance ensures you are running your hosts, VMs and operating systems securely, using industry best practices and adhering to regulatory standards.