VMware and SAP: A Platform for Innovation and Trust

The best-run businesses run their SAP environments on VMware to ensure that they can achieve the most flexible, resilient, innovative, and cost-effective mission business platform possible. VMware helps customers transform their entire SAP landscape by accelerating their enterprise into the digital era through virtualization, automation and standardization of their software-defined data centers. Our capabilities improve efficiency, scalability, flexibility and agility for your entire environment—enabling your organization to more easily deploy and consume SAP solutions like SAP S/4 HANA.
At VMware, we focus on delivering the best virtual infrastructure for current SAP platforms like SAP HANA and new capabilities like vSAN and Kubernetes into our virtual environment. This ensures that as SAP modernizes its portfolio, you will be able to easily incorporate these new capabilities in your digital transformation.

Accelerating Adoption of SAP Applications through Platform Innovation

Learn how VMware accelerates the adoption of SAP applications through platform innovation. For more information about VMware and SAP’s partnership

Why VMware and SAP

VMware and SAP Infographic 

Why VMware and SAP

High Availability

  • Combine VMware HA capabilities with SAP HA solutions for a complete full-stack HA.
  • Get up to 99.99% uptime by implementing VM HA and VM Fault Tolerance with SAP HANA System Replication.
  • Maximize uptime with automatic restart and failover automation.
  • Experience zero downtime or data loss when migrating live workloads using vMotion and HCX.

Time to Value

  • Execute system copy/refresh faster in minutes vs hours or days.
  • Provision, build and deprovision SAP non-production environments as needed.
  • Automate and provision multiple QA Test environments in parallel and reduce Functional, Regression, Conversion, and Performance testing time.
  • Achieve 45% faster TTL with SAP environments virtualized on VMware.

Lower TCO

  • Improve HW TCO with industry leading Multi-VM HANA.
  • Achieve superior HW sizing with TDI 5 Certified Hypervisor vs Traditional HANA Appliance.
  • Reduce TCO through SAP Automation using SAP LaMa and VMware’s LaMa Adapter to automate system copies/refresh, fresh installs, patch upgrades, and complex start and stop scenarios.

Security and Compliance

  • Protect the network with NSX security hardening
  • Leverage cross cloud capabilities to maintain a single security architecture
  • Get support for global data protection and privacy


Global Industry Research Reveals 4 Key Hybrid Cloud Trends

SAP grants support for SAP HANA 2.0 on VMware vSphere 6.7U2 running on Intel Cascade Lake based servers

SAP HANA on Intel Skylake and Broadwell Support for VMware vSphere 6.5 and 6.7

Read our blog for details. Review the SAP note “2393917 – SAP HANA on VMware vSphere 6.5 and 6.7 in production” for details.

VMware HCI Powers Broadest Range of Mission-Critical SAP Apps

Dell Technologies announces the Dell EMC VxRail hyperconverged infrastructure appliances, powered by VMware vSphere and VMware vSAN software, are certified by SAP for SAP HANA® production environments. The certifications, for both VxRail and VMware software, reflect VMware and Dell EMC’s continued leadership in the rapidly growing HCI industry. Read the press release and watch announcement video

Key Offerings

Multi and Hybrid Cloud deployments for SAP HANA

VMware and SAP have joined forces to enable customers to run SAP HANA better, faster, smarter, and less expensively than ever before, with options to deploy SAP HANA in multi and hybrid cloud environments. Customers can choose to deploy SAP HANA in a highly optimized on-premise private cloud, in the public cloud or both, with the option to run SAP HANA in a hybrid capacity. With hybrid architectures powered by VMWare, your experience between on and off-premise installations can be seamless and free from code refactoring. These deployment scenarios are fully supported by VMware and SAP so that customers can adopt multi and hybrid cloud SAP HANA deployments with confidence.

Hyperconverged Architectures for SAP HANA

Deploying and consuming SAP-supported software and hardware for SAP HANA can be complex. The combination of VMware vSphere, vSAN and NSX (VMWare Cloud Foundation or VCF) on supported partner hardware gives you the benefit of a truly software-defined, hyperconverged infrastructure platform that is certified and supported by both VMware and SAP. Hyperconverged infrastructure for SAP HANA provides enhanced service levels and reduces TCO beyond workload virtualization to further consolidate the data center and lower power consumption.

Virtualize SAP HANA

SAP HANA operations can be slow to execute and difficult to deploy. And once deployed, SAP HANA database growth can quickly increase memory requirements—increasing costs and pushing the boundaries of the data center. Virtualizing SAP HANA with VMware can reduce TCO by reducing the number of physical SAP HANA servers and supporting larger compute and memory workloads on the same hardware. Virtualization also increases the resiliency and availability of business-critical SAP HANA databases. Even better, SAP supports virtualization for all SAP HANA modes, including scale-up, scale-out, and multi-VM scenarios.

Modern Applications and Cloud Native

As customers look to modernize their SAP environments and start to incorporate cloud-native technologies such as SAP Gardener and SAP Cloud Platform PE, many find that these solutions are complex to purchase and require manual tasks to get them up and running. VMware can simplify and shorten timelines for SAP Cloud Native deployments, providing the ability to connect diverse types of devices and maximize data value. Joint solutions are delivered by trusted enterprise leaders and provide IT with the proper security, management and visibility into the modern application infrastructure and provide the control necessary to ensure their containerized and microservices are at optimal performance. Also, VMware can provide 360-degree analytics, optimizing the value of the data coming from the devices and ensuring the proper monitoring of the edge systems and connected devices' health.

SAP Automation

Automate provisioning and management of your virtualized SAP system so that solution administrators can use a single management plane for SAP infrastructure and landscapes with VMware SAP Automation capabilities, powered by the VMWare vRealize suite of products. Realize the benefits of better service levels to increase efficiency and reduce time to market.

VMware Digital Workspace on SAP AppCenter

VMware Airwatch is now on SAP AppCenter. SAP customers can take advantage of the VMware TestDrive program to download, learn, test and adopt the VMware digital workplace solution to elevate their end-user management experience.


Increase Agility with SAP HANA on the VMware Platform

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William Reid, Sr. Director, IT at EMC outlines EMC's IT transformation with SAP HANA and VMware. EMC leverages a virtual first strategy built on top of, around and inclusive of everything VMware.

Infosys Case Study

Infosys pioneers VMware virtualization for SAP HANA on the Hitachi Unified Compute Platform to offer customers new SAP HANA based services running on VMware.


AMG Showcases SAP HANA Adoption and Virtualization with VMware

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Virtualizing the SAP HANA Platform

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