Boost Frontline Employee Experience

Frontline workers—from delivery drivers to warehouse workers, store associates and nurses—rely on mission-critical devices to do their jobs. Empower frontline workers with Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), an intelligence-driven platform built to support complex mission-critical device deployments at scale.

Boost Efficiency & Transform Workflows

Simplify management of mission-critical device deployments with low-touch enrollment and configuration, shared device management, device and app analytics, and remote worker support.

Improve Employee Experience

Deliver a seamless, consumer-like end-user experience across shared devices by only giving workers access to the apps, content and settings they need to stay productive and engaged.

Minimize Downtime

Give IT and help desk staff the ability to provide real-time remote support to quickly assist workers with device tasks and issues before it impacts your bottom line.

Scale to Support Any Use Case

Support new and innovative technologies that improve productivity and enable exceptional customer experiences at scale—like BYO programs, AR and VR wearables, peripheralsand interactive kiosks.

VMware Products for Frontline Workers

Discover the Workspace ONE products built to meet the unique management requirements of mission-critical devices used by frontline workers.

Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management

Multi-platform endpoint and app management across all use cases

Workspace ONE for Rugged Devices

Advanced mission-critical device management for rugged deployments

Workspace ONE for Workspace IoT Endpoints

Endpoint management for non-traditional devices, like wearables

Workspace ONE Launcher

Shared device management

Workspace ONE Intelligence

Device and app analytics

Workspace ONE Assist

Remote worker support


Cross-Platform Support

Support any endpoint—from rugged handheld computers to mobile printers, wearables and BYO devices—across any platform, including: Android, Windows Embedded, Windows 10, macOS, iOS and Linux.

Shared Device Management

Maximize security and worker productivity with the ability to lock devices into single or multi-app mode, customize UI, and enable check-in/check-out. 

Complete Lifecycle Management

Stage, manage, and support mission-critical devices alongside existing mobile and laptop deployments from a single console for maximum visibility and security.

Data-Driven Decisions and Automation

Improve efficiency by leveraging advanced device and app analytics to predict and automate events like battery failure and replacement.

Multitenant Architecture

Scale to support the most complex deployments with a multitenant architecture.

Remote Worker Support

Enable IT and help desk staff to remotely assist workers with device tasks and issues in real time with remote view and control capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Service or task workers who deliver the goods and services we rely on every day. Unlike desk-based knowledge workers, frontline workers aren’t tied to a desk and report to a jobsite or are in the field. Example frontline worker occupations include delivery drivers, warehouse workers, store associates, and nurses.

Frontline workers rely on mission-critical devices, optimized to access line-of-business (LOB) apps, in order to complete a well-defined task or operation. Mission-critical devices come in a variety of form factors, including rugged handheld computers, mobile point-of-sale devices, mobile printers, wearables and interactive kiosks.

The devices frontline workers rely on are considered mission-critical because if they fail, the workers using them can’t do their job, immediately impacting the business’s bottom line. 

Since devices used by frontline workers are typically deployed in environments with limited connectivity, enrollment and configuration must be low-touch. Organizations must also provide an exceptional worker EX and mitigate device downtime with proactive management and remote support. 

Frontline worker occupations have a notoriously high turnover rate. In order to keep workers happy and engaged, IT must deliver a seamless, consumer-like digital EX with a comprehensive Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution, like Workspace ONE.

Workspace ONE enables organizations to improve frontline worker EX with simplified management and support of mission-critical devices, at scale, including shared device management, analytics and automation, and remote worker support, from a single console.

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