Modernize and Mobilize to Grow Revenue, Delight Customers, and Drive Efficiencies


Achieve revenue growth and profitability goals with VMware. Strategically modernize your IT infrastructure and mobilize your business to improve service delivery. Invent the branch of the future. Drive agility and speed time to market. Innovate like a fintech. Simultaneously increase customer share of wallet and boost workforce productivity. Improve your security posture and operational efficiency.


Banking on VMware

Global banks describe the many ways VMware cloud infrastructure and digital workspace solutions empower their customers and employees.

Digital Transformation in Financial Services

Learn how financial services organizations deploying VMware solutions are securely modernizing and mobilizing to improve customer experiences and drive top-line growth.

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Next Generation Retail Banking

Read why banks looking to offer best-in-class customer engagement need disruptive technologies that offer a combination of self service and hand holding during every interaction.

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Modernize data center to support banking platforms 

Infrastructure and data center consolidation can yield big benefits. Reduce complexity and IT sprawl. Improve business agility and responsiveness. Drive down costs. Speed time to innovation. Improve security. Explore how VMware’s software-defined infrastructure, automation, and modern app delivery solutions boost business and the bottom line.

Empower the digital workspace for financial services 

Mobility creates new ways for customers to engage and employees to serve—from digital banking to relationship management to ATMs. Give users secure access to what they need, when they need it, on any device. Provide users with flexibility while IT has control. Explore how consumer-simple, enterprise-secure VMware mobility and digital workspace solutions improve customer engagement and workforce productivity.

Invest in IoT 

Internet of Things (IoT) can facilitate payments beyond mobile phones, cards, and point-of-sale terminals. Leverage IoT to monitor and collect data about customers’ transactions. Offer solutions to make smart financial decisions. Provide on demand services. Predict transaction fraud. Track loan assets and inventory stocks based on sensor data. Explore how VMware technology increases loyalty by enabling control of IoT—from the edge to the cloud.

Integrate Public Cloud to accelerate innovation 

Clouds are a fast alternative for procuring IT infrastructure and services, often at lower costs. Embrace hybrid cloud. Support modern apps and digital business processes. Explore how VMware enables financial firms to innovate and thrive in the multi-cloud world by overcoming management, compliance, cost, and security obstacles.

Transform security and automate compliance 

The cost of a security breach—in time, money, stolen IP, reputation, additional regulatory scrutiny, and loss of customer trust—is almost incalculable. Mitigate increasing threats. Focus on security and meet ever-changing compliance mandates. Explore VMware’s new architecture for security, innovation in prevention, detection, and response.


Digital transformation is about creating new possibilities for financial services organizations. Here’s how VMware is helping customers realize what’s possible.


VMware Customer Case Study: Bank Audi

VMware and Bank Audi envision banks becoming digitally native enterprises.


ANZ Bank Takes Mobile Banking to New Levels with VMware AirWatch

VMware and ANZ Bank empower employees to provide client services anytime, anywhere, on any device.


SDDC and Security Foundation for Rapid Transformational Success

Learn how VMware is helping PNC Bank transform with a software-defined approach.


London Capital Group Launches New Online Trading Platform with Secure Virtual Network

VMware and London Capital Group realize the possibilities of trading US$20 trillion annually.