Why Choose Modern Management with VMware?

Industry-Leading, Intelligence-Driven Modern Management for All Endpoints

Manage in Real Time from the Cloud

Cloud-native PC lifecycle management ensures line of sight into every PC, across any network. Goes beyond mobile device management (MDM) to deliver complete Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), including PC management workloads from the cloud and automation to speed modernization.

Simplify IT Operations

Industry-leading, unified endpoint management (UEM) delivers management breadth across your end-user computing (EUC) footprint—mobile, desktops, virtual, rugged and IoT devices—and depth within each of these platforms.

Harden Windows Security

Enterprise-grade security from silicon to software and automated compliance remediation to combat modern threats across endpoints anywhere.

Modernize Windows PC Management with VMware

Empower Employees

Onboard employees anywhere and on day-one with modern deployment options and self-service catalog for all work apps and services.

Management & Security

Full app lifecycle management across all apps, including Win32, and zero server footprint, peer-to-peer delivery. Automated, granular compliance provides hands-free, instant remediation and sensors for compliance reporting.

Deploy How You Choose

Get unparalleled flexibility to deliver and manage Windows 10 and Windows 11 anywhere, whether natively on a desktop or within a virtual instance, to any device and across any cloud.

Automate and Analyze

Stay context-aware and productive always, with Intelligence insights, fully customizable automations, and IT orchestration workflows that span across your endpoints.

Drop Ship Onboarding

Simpler, out-of-the-box PC setup that is zero touch for IT. Apps come pre-loaded in factory without imaging—which lowers IT costs and improves user productivity on day one.

Proactive Support

Cloud-native intelligence simplifies routine IT tasks and proactively improves the digital employee experience. Remote support, user self-service options, and zero-touch recovery protect sensitive data and free up time for users and IT.

Single Solution, Serious Savings

Curious about what you could save by switching to Workspace ONE and modern management? Visit our calculator to explore the many benefits that are possible.


Traditional PC lifecycle management (PCLM) has been around for decades to manage Windows desktops and laptops. PCLM was conducted on-premises on company infrastructure. It has inherent constraints and limits the flexibility and efficiency of IT admins. Modern management represents the shift in the Windows OS management process to support the delivery of policies, patches, and applications from the cloud.

Mobile devices have been managed via mobile device management (MDM) tools and from the cloud for years. Modern management represents a similar shift in the Windows OS management process to support the delivery of policies, patches, and applications from the cloud. It allows management of Windows anywhere, across any network by leveraging MDM and cloud-based efficiencies – without the need for setting up costly server and network infrastructure.

Unified endpoint management (UEM) allows IT to manage, secure, and deploy corporate resources and applications on any device from a single console. UEM is an evolution of traditional PC lifecycle management (PCLM) and mobile device management (MDM). As users increasingly work remotely from desktops as well as mobile devices, and enterprises incorporate IoT and other new technologies, unified endpoint management has evolved to solve the problems modern IT departments encounter when securing and connecting these environments.

Absolutely! Workspace ONE supports the most operating systems and devices, including macOS, iOS, Android and Linux, for desktops, mobile, frontline, rugged and IOT devices. With Workspace ONE, you can manage all your devices on a single pane of glass, regardless of OS.

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