If you are on a support program other than VMware Production Support, “after hours” support is available for an additional fee. This “after hours” support is designed to assist with mission critical production issues. The goal is to provide a rapid response when your production system fails with a severity one issue, and a Technical Support Engineer (TSE) to help you get the system back on-line again. Examples of critical issues affecting a production system running released software are:

  • A production server has failed
  • Users cannot access the production servers
  • Critical errors are being logged by an operational production server
  • Performance of the servers has degraded to an unusable level
  • A mission-critical application is unusable
  • Data is unrecoverable, corrupt, or lost
  • Hardware or software upgrade assistance for production servers that cannot be handled during normal business hours

The TSE assigned to the case will continue to work on the problem until one of the following is reached:

  • The production server becomes operational again, and the SR is closed or its severity is downgraded
  • An acceptable and sustainable workaround is provided to keep the server operational until a more permanent solution is found, and the severity is downgraded
  • The severity of impact to the production servers is downgraded

The SR will then either be closed, or revert to being worked during normal business hours as appropriate. In either case, you will be asked to confirm that you agree that such a status has been reached.


For further details contact VMware Support.