Get Power and Sustainability with SUPERMICRO and VMware


Moving to a Software-Defined Datacenter (SDDC) with VMware yields big returns in agility, simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Now you can add “sustainability” to the list. SUPERMICRO and VMware have teamed up to deliver high-performance, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly SDDC building blocks that can accelerate your business while helping preserve the environment.




VMware vSAN ReadyNode from SUPERMICRO are pre-configured, hypervisor-converged storage hardware configurations that make ideal building blocks for small- to medium-sized businesses and enterprise SDDC environments that need simple, resilient, efficient and cost-effective storage solutions.

SUPERMICRO vSAN ReadyNode enable you to deploy VMware vSAN quickly. They are available in VMware-certified single- or multi-node configurations to support a multitude of use cases, including virtual desktop infrastructure, Tier 2/3 production workloads and disaster recovery environments. Together, SUPERMICRO and VMware enable a new high-performance storage tier optimized for virtual environments that is simple, resilient and efficient, with a reduced total cost of ownership.