ISV Center Overview

The ISV Center provides guidelines for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to test, validate, and deliver applications running on VMware on-premise and in the cloud. Partners looking to run their applications in a cloud environment can leverage the VMware Cloud on AWS testing and validation process. Partners looking to run their applications on-premise with VMware vSphere can leverage the VMware Partner Application Software Integration Program.

VMware Cloud on AWS Testing and Validation

Leveraging VMware Cloud on AWS enables VMware Technology Alliance Partners to extend their applications into the world’s largest hybrid cloud environment. Current VMware TAP members in good program standing can apply to test their application/infrastructure component on VMware Cloud on AWS.

Program Overview

There are two ways to test existing applications or infrastructure components with VMware Cloud on AWS: through our Real VMC capabilities or through a dedicated development VMware Cloud on AWS instance purchased at a discounted rate.


Upon successful testing and submission of the exit survey, VMware will consider the partner application/infrastructure component tested on VMware on AWS and partners will be able to take advantage of related go-to-market benefits. These benefits include:


In order to utilize the no-charge environments, partners must:

In order request a dedicated development instance at a discounted rate, partners must:

  • Be an active member of the TAP program.
  • Purchase the service – the cluster cannot be funded via MDF.
  • Complete the testing application prior to purchasing their dedicated development instance, unless they already went through the no charge VMware Cloud on AWS testing process.
  • Use the dedicated development instance for joint VMware and Partner solution development and testing. These instances/pricing are not available for POCs or production usage and are subject to current NFR partner policies.
  • Publish the tested solution on the VMware Solution Exchange Marketplace (VSX).


Getting Started

To get started, email to request an online form for each application/infrastructure component you wish to test.

VMware Partner Application Software Integration Program

Partners can take advantage of VMware's flexible and cost lowering platforms for testing, selling and delivering their applications. Customers have an improved experience using applications that have successfully been validated on these VMware platforms

The VMware Partner Application Software Integration Program enables partners to validate their applications using VMware tests in a pre-configured and ready-to-use VMware test bed. For more information on how you can validate your applications on-prem, visit the VMware Partner Application Software Integration Program page.

Support Statements

As an ISV within the TAP Program, partners are required to publish their public statement of support for their software applications. Not only does this inform customers that their application of choice is fully supported on the VMware virtual platform, but it also fulfills a TAP program requirement for partners that are software vendors.


Partners and non-partner software vendors who do not already have a support statement can draft and publish a public statement of support using the established VMware support statement template.


A list of approved support statements can be found on our Supported Business Applications page.