VMware Customer Numbers and Improved Technical Support Telephone System

What is the VMware Customer Number and how will it be used?

The Customer Number is a 10-digit numeric identifier that is assigned to each customer contact for the purpose of technical support. You will use the Customer Number to access your account information as well as the VMware technical support telephone system. Customer Numbers are unique for each customer contact and should not be shared with others.

What improvements has VMware made to the technical support telephone system?

The updated system is designed to significantly reduce the time needed to process telephone technical support requests by automating manual procedures. The system will achieve this through the use of numeric customer identification and the latest enterprise technologies such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI).

How will the updated technical support telephone system benefit customers?

You should experience reduced wait times while Customer Service Representatives process your information, and you should get routed to a Technical Support Engineer faster. This means you’ll have to wait less time for an engineer to begin resolving your support issues.

How do I use the updated technical support telephone system?

When you call the VMware technical support line, please have your Customer Number ready. The Interactive Voice Response system will prompt you to enter your Customer Number or other identifying information, select the appropriate product under contract, and select an action (create a Support Request (SR), follow up on an existing SR, or close an SR). Once these steps are completed, the system will route you to the appropriate VMware contact – a Customer Service Representative or Technical Support Engineer. The IVR has speech recognition capability, allowing you to speak your responses to IVR prompts.

How do I find my Customer Number?

VMware will provide you with your Customer Number when you log into your account online, and this information will also be provided in various status and confirmation e-mails that VMware sends. You can find your Customer Number online under your account profile any time after your first login. Additionally, Customer Service Representatives can provide you with this information when you call the technical support hotline.

Can I bypass a Customer Service Representative and get routed directly to a Technical Support Engineer?

Customers with Business Critical Support (BCS) and Production Support entitlements needing to open a new technical Support Request can now, in most cases, bypass a Customer Service Representative and get routed directly to a Technical Support Engineer by using their unique Customer Numbers and responding to the IVR prompts. This will expedite the call and reduce the overall time needed to create the request.

Can I still log and track my Support Requests via the web?

Yes! The web is still the primary method to file and track Support Requests. Visit My VMware to submit a Support Request. This is the most efficient method for logging a Support Request. However, when you do choose to contact VMware Technical Support via phone, you should experience a streamlined process with shorter wait times and increased efficiency.