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Meet with VMware technology experts and business leaders to discover new ideas for business success in the digital world. Receive live end-user computing updates and explore product demos at the Sydney center, with discussions and workshops tailored to your company’s goals. You can also connect to our flagship Discovery Center in Palo Alto via videoconference.


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Your Business, Your Needs, Your VBC

Empower your business in our state-of-the-art venue that provides an invaluable forum to dive into the detail of your operations, understand more conclusively what you need to deliver as a business and, even, what might be holding you back. This could be a strategic business review, mapping a current digital project, or an impasse that is preventing you deliver on innovation.

Build meaningful long-lasting relationships with our executives and subject matter experts. Our curated team of experts provide you with a unique immersive experience, focused on deep conversation, multimedia presentations, demos, and workshops.

Getting to the Center

VMware has been in Australia/New Zealand (ANZ) since 2005. Our current office is in the heart of the Sydney Central Business District and has views out to Bondi Beach in the Eastern Suburbs as well as Manly Beach in the Northern Beaches.


VMware Australia

Level 8

175 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000




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We are ready to help you design a roadmap to accomplish your company’s goals. Contact us today to start the discussion and schedule a custom experience with local VMware experts and business leaders.