SAP Unveils Enterprise VMware Virtualization Support for SAP HANA

VMware and SAP's strategic relationship has been taken to the next level with SAP's recent announcement that VMware vSphere is now supported and is the preferred way to virtualize SAP's high performance HANA platform. Enterprise VMware virtualization support for SAP HANA offers customers significant reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO), simplified management and rapid application development. It also delivers an optimized environment for running mission-critical SAP applications.

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Journey to the Cloud – SAP and VMware Partnership

SAP and VMware are collaborating to provide customers with modern scalable, flexible infrastructure solutions with automated management tools, services, and support to accelerate the Journey to Cloud Computing. Engineered for your business, customers with SAP NetWeaver Adaptive Computing Controller benefit from an “on-demand” IT environment that simplifies SAP deployments and upgrades, improves service levels, streamlines hardware refreshes, and enables comprehensive, low-cost high availability and disaster recovery – while maintaining the highest levels of performance and security.

Customer Benefits of SAP and VMware Environments
  • The pressure to ensure high availability is intense for SAP managers. VMware virtualization takes advantage of SAP’s high-availability features to ensure that the software stays running.
  • Upgrades are a fact of life for every SAP landscape and they can be complex and time-consuming and often they take hours or days in a non-virtualized platform. In a virtual environment, new virtual machines can be provisioned in minutes, and then deprovisioned rapidly, recovering the resources.
  • As IT budgets continue to shrink, the imperative to lower operating costs gets more urgent—and virtualization can make a real difference.  Server consolidation translates directly into lower costs for power, cooling, and space—and boosts the organizations “green” profile in the bargain.
  • SAP supports productive VMware environments with both Linux and Windows – dedicated support people in SAP support team.
    General Support Statement for Virtual Environments

    SAP support in cloud environments

The Virtualization Competence Center (VCC) for SAP:

  • Supports organizations that are planning a change to a virtualized SAP system landscape infrastructure.
  • Provides services to companies already operating SAP in a virtualized system landscape.
  • Run by AddOn Systemhaus GmbH and VMware, Inc.
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