Mobility Powers Growth

For nearly 50 years, TISCO Financial Group (TISCO) has been a pioneer in banking, investments, and asset management. However, recent growth started straining the Bangkok-based company’s core service delivery infrastructure and customer demand for digital banking services in Thailand nearly doubled since 2011. In response, TISCO wanted to improve employee mobility while meeting security and regulatory requirements. TISCO addressed its needs with VMware Horizon virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions, which reduced infrastructure management costs and requirements while enabling secure business mobility.


TISCO Financial Group and VMware

TISCO Financial Group and VMware 

Anytime/Anywhere Application Access


By transforming traditional desktops to virtual workspaces with VMware Horizon, TISCO provides employee mobility through easy access to company systems and data from any device or location. For instance, loan officers can launch critical banking applications using tablet computers at bank branches or customer sites, making their own work easier and improving customer service with face-to-face relationships. VDI also means TISCO can serve clients throughout Thailand with the same speed and security because data and applications no longer reside on individual users’ machines.

TISCO Financial Group

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Industry: Financial Services
Products: VMware Horizon 7, vSphere with Operations Management

Improved IT Efficiency


Centralizing and virtualizing desktop management with VMware Horizon helps TISCO’s IT team improve efficiencies in several ways. IT has greater visibility into resource utilization, which helps the team optimize application uptime and employee access to compute and storage resources. VDI helps support TISCO’s bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives, ensure business continuity, and improve data security, as well. IT staff also uses VMware Horizon to accelerate software upgrades (which used to take up to three months to complete) to less than two weeks.

Solid Business Returns


With applications, computing, processing, and storage now virtualized using VMware Horizon, TISCO gains several business advantages. First, it extends the life of employee computers and devices from five to seven years, improving the company’s hardware return on investment. Additionally, since data is no longer stored on devices, TISCO reduces the risks of data loss due to misplaced devices and human errors. Disaster recovery capabilities are also greatly improved, with typical recovery taking only two minutes instead of three days.

What TISCO Financial Group has to say about us

"Mobility is key to enabling digital banking services, and we wanted to enable our employees to service customers anytime and anyplace. VMware’s virtual desktop technology empowers our employees with mobility, enabling the agility to better service customers and bring in new business."


Oranuch Apisaksirikul, CEO, TISCO Financial Group


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