Flexible Learning

University of Aberdeen is one of the world’s oldest and top-ranking universities. To continue attracting students and staff, the university strives to create a world-class experience, which includes delivering services catering to a tech-savvy population. As more students rely on their own mobile devices and tablets, the university needs to give them more flexibility in how they collaborate and learn. To accomplish this, the University of Aberdeen turned to VMware Horizon. The result: staff and students can now use any device from any location to access learning tools, improving the overall education experience.

University of Aberdeen and VMware

Watch how University of Aberdeen is facilitating a positive learning environment for students.

University of Aberdeen and VMware 

Tech-savvy Learners

As digital natives, the current generation of students expects to access services and applications online from anywhere, on any device. That doesn’t change when they get to university. Thanks to VMware Horizon, students and staff have their own virtual desktops, loaded with the applications and systems they need for teaching and learning. Gone are the days of trying to find a free classroom or an open learning space with PCs to do their work. Now, they can access what they need when they need it, from wherever they are.

University of Aberdeen

Location: Aberdeen, Scotland
Industry: Education
Products: Horizon 7

Inspired Students and Staff

The University of Aberdeen has created an environment where academics can deliver the best teaching, and students have the most effective ways of learning. The flexibility to access materials—including some of Aberdeen’s high-end, graphically intense applications—from any place at any time on any device of their choosing has further enhanced the quality of education. Not only does this help to attract top teaching talent, but it also means students get more from every learning experience.

What University of Aberdeen has to say about us

"Thanks to VMware Horizon, our students have technology that suits their needs, with the ability to study from anywhere and via the device of their choosing. We’re already getting great feedback in our internal student surveys and expect this to carry on through to external rankings."


Ian Rowley, Desktop Manager, IT Services, University of Aberdeen


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