On Boarding

Zero-Touch for IT

Zero- touch onboarding for IT with Apple Business Manager and School Manager. Customize the enrollment screens with branding, modern authentication and the local account creation right out of the box.


Simple User Initiated Enrollment

For non-Apple Business Manager devices, users can simply download the Intelligent Hub app from getwsone.com, complete a user approved enrollment, and get access to corporate resources.

Onboarding User Experience

Deliver a refreshing onboarding experience with rich feedback of the setup in progress to the end-user after enrollment. All of it available out of box with Intelligent Hub.

Device Management

Scripts and Sensors

Deploy scripts written in Bash/Python/Zsh to query advanced inventory data or make system configuration changes. Leverage environment variables for passing secrets/sensitive data securely to the scripts. And finally enable script objects to be triggered on-demand in the self-service catalog for end-users.

Freestyle Workflows

Brings together all the most important building blocks for device management in a simple user interface but unlocks countless possibilities. Create sequential workflows to orchestrate applications and scripts, based on complex criteria including the Sensors inventory data. And we’re just getting started!

Command Line Admin Toolkit for Scripting and Automation

Intelligent Hub comes with a built-in command line utility (hubcli) offering unique notification and orchestration capabilities. Create customized persistent notifications or orchestrate MDM configuration profiles with hubcli as part of your existing scripts and automation.


Security and Privacy

Automated Rotation

Secure by design. Automatically rotates the managed local admin account password and file vault recovery keys when accessed on the Workspace ONE UEM console. No more fear of sensitive password/keys written up on a sticky note somewhere.

Conditional Access Based on Device Compliance

Embrace zero-trust security architecture, moving beyond the corporate perimeter to gate access to corporate resources based on the absolute state of device and user compliance to security requirements real-time.

Block Applications and Processes

Robust toolkit for Mac admins to block users from accessing applications from running on managed machines, by binary hash, path or even process name. Built on top of Apple’s new System Extension for endpoint security.

Self-Service and Employee Experience

Unified App Catalog

Applications today are available in very many different forms (Native, SaaS, Legacy Win32) and sources (App Store, Distributed packages or disk images). Intelligent Hub brings them all together in one unified catalog abstracting the complexities to a delightful self-service experience

Spotlight Search with SSO

Launching native Mac applications using Spotlight Search has long been muscle memory for long time Mac users, and one of the first tricks learned by new Mac users. We decided to take it a step further and thought - why not allow users to launch any SaaS app for work using Spotlight Search. Not just launch but Single Sign On as well!

One-Stop Shop for Corporate Resources

Intelligent Hub provides a One-Stop shop for all corporate resources that a user needs access to, where it could be to simply lookup a colleague using people search, access the intranet site or to quickly fix their own machine using self-service support.


Why Workspace ONE?

Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) technology now powers VMware Workspace ONE, an integrated platform for the digital workspace.

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