What is the Neurodiversity Inclusion Program?

VMware’s Neurodiversity Inclusion Program is a hiring initiative tailored towards individuals with autism. Here at VMware, we encourage every person to bring their authentic selves to work, and we promote an inclusive company culture. We work to make sure our application, interview and onboarding processes as well as our workplace cultures are inclusive and engaging for every individual.

The Neurodiversity Inclusion Program includes enablement for recruiters, hiring teams, and candidates to engage in an interview process that is inclusive of neurodiverse individuals. It also provides a recruiting and hiring process designed to remove unconscious bias.

Candidates hired through this program will have access to mentorship and formal job coaching to ensure success and satisfaction in their new role.


The Neurodiversity Inclusion Program brings new ideas and diverse perspectives that will foster innovation and problem solving.

Culture and Values

The program will harness the power of human difference by supporting equal opportunity employment and accessibility.

Social Impact

The development of the program will have a positive impact on our customers and employees as a force for good.

Belong Here and Transform Everywhere

Creating an environment that empowers you to bring your authentic self to work is a priority at VMware. A sense of belonging is an important part of what propels our business forward. Watch the video below to see members of our Power of Difference (POD) communities explain what it means to them to have an open and inclusive workplace.

Program Highlights

VMware’s Neurodiversity Inclusion program is tailored towards individuals with autism. Through this program, our organization looks to engage a new, talented candidate pool and harness the power of human difference.

The program as a whole includes enablement for recruiters, the hiring team, and the candidates to level-set expectations for all parties when hiring neurodiverse individuals.

During the application, interview and onboarding processes the program team works with each candidate to determine their needs and accommodations to provide a positive experience. Additionally, the team provides an interview structure designed to remove unconscious bias and allow candidates to best display their skill sets.

For candidates that are hired through this program, VMware will provide mentorship and professional job coaching to ensure the new hires’ success and satisfaction in their new role. Our Inclusive Mentorship program is designed to connect people, cultivate a trusting relationship among professionals in the workplace, and enhance professional development. For questions regarding the program, email us at inclusivementorship@vmware.com

The program is part of our overall effort to recruit and retain a diverse staff and is carried out in accordance with the company’s obligations as a federal contractor. VMware is an equal opportunity employer and all employment decisions are made in accordance with the law.

Interested candidates should submit their resume to neurodiversityinclusion@vmware.com

Eligible candidates will have an initial online technical assignment to assess their skills for the position.

Next, in conjunction with Neurodiversity in the Workplace, we will invite qualified candidates who passed the technical assessment to a one-week learning & emersion event at VMware’s Palo Alto campus that culminates in a final in-person interview to further learn about candidate skill set.

Download Neurodiversity VMware Neurodiversity Inclusion Program (PDF)

To learn more about current or future job openings affiliated with the Neurodiversity Inclusion program, send an email to: neurodiversityinclusion@vmware.com.

VMware offers accommodations for job seekers and employees who have any disabling conditions under the law.

Roles in this pilot program are based in our Palo Alto, CA campus. For eligible candidates, relocation assistance is provided.

VMware offers accommodations for job seekers and employees who have any disabling condition under the law. To view a complete list of our job openings and find out more information on how to request accommodations for any of our open roles, visit our Career Website.

To be considered for the program, please email your resume as well as contact information neurodiversityinclusion@vmware.com.

VMware Executive Message

Dirk Hohndel

Vice President, Chief Open Source Officer

“Neurodiversity and inclusion of neurodiverse employees should be as obvious and self evident as diversity and inclusion efforts based on gender or race. Neurodiverse employees tremendously enrich our teams - they provide insights and perspectives that we would be missing without them. To us in the VMware Open Source Technology Center, neurodiversity is simply yet another spectrum of people that are key assets to our vision and mission, and whom we consider part of our work family.”

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