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Inner Circle

About Inner Circle

The VMware Inner Circle is an online community of customers and partners who are shaping the VMware experience.

By taking part in topical online polls, surveys and discussion groups throughout the year, you can share your opinions on everything from strategy and product direction to quality and engagement. The VMware team wants to hear from you about what works well, what needs to be improved and what you want to see us do next.

Inner Circle feedback is a key component of our decision making process.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is VMware Inner Circle?

VMware Inner Circle is an exclusive online panel of VMware customers and partners who are helping to shape the VMware experience. Your feedback is a key component of our planning efforts for future initiatives. Participation is always 100% voluntary – you can leave the Inner Circle at any time.

How Do I Join?

Membership in VMware Inner Circle is limited and exclusive to VMware customers and partners. You must first have a My VMware account and then qualify for membership by completing a membership survey before you can access the Inner Circle portal.

How Do I Participate?

If you elect to join the Inner Circle panel you will need a MyVMware profile.  Limited personal information submitted within your My VMware profile (including first and last name, and email address) will be used in relation to your Inner Circle panel membership. This information, together with any other personal informational you may provide during participation in the panel, will be used and protected in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Once you join the panel, you will begin to receive invitations to participate in online surveys and discussion groups. We know your time is valuable, so you will receive no more than one or two invitations each month. We will invite you to participate in surveys we think will interest you based upon your membership profile. Invitations will include the topic of the study and the URL where you can access the survey. It is always up to you whether you respond to any specific survey. Your responses will be kept strictly confidential, and reported only in aggregate and anonymously (without specifically identifying you or that particular feedback came from you). This is further explained in our Member Conditions. We will post a summary of our research findings in the Inner Circle portal just after each survey closes. You will also receive details and updates about how VMware is making changes based on the panel feedback in our monthly and quarterly newsletters.

You may choose to leave the Inner Circle panel at any time. If you cancel your membership we will not contact you again about Inner Circle. Canceling your Inner Circle membership does not remove you from any other VMware email subscriptions you may currently have.

How do I Access the Inner Circle Portal?

You access the Inner Circle portal from within the My VMware portal. Click on the Inner Circle link and a new browser window will open. If you are already a member, you will see your personalized homepage. If you are not yet a member, you will be sent to the new membership survey.

How do you Use the information I Provide When I Register?

We use the information you provide during membership registration to better understand the types of surveys and discussion groups that may interest you. Because your privacy is important to us, your answers will be combined with answers from other participants and reported anonymously as part of that total. The way we use your information is explained in greater detail in our Privacy Policy and Member Conditions