Make Your Cloud Infrastructure Secure and Compliant

Make your data center secure and compliant at every level: host, virtual server, network, applications and data. Integrated security and compliance solutions from VMware and our partners unlock the benefits of cloud computing, lower costs and accelerate IT agility.

  • Deploy cost-effective and adaptive security services to build a trusted cloud infrastructure.
  • Eliminate patchwork of security solutions and use a single policy framework.
  • Easily integrate third party solutions such as anti-virus IPS.
  • Ensure compliance by isolating critical workloads and implementing compliance controls on virtual infrastructure.

Virtualize Business-Critical Applications with Confidence

Ensuring the security and compliance of business-critical applications is a crucial step in your journey to the cloud. The challenge is to ensure security and compliance while still maintaining flexibility and the ability to scale rapidly. Legacy solutions don't provide enterprises the virtual application integration they need to meet these objectives without compromising business agility and operational efficiency.

IDC Evolution Security Compliance Cloud

Deliver Adaptive Security

In a virtual environment, organizations need to have visibility of traffic between virtual workloads. They need their critical applications and databases protected from threats from less secure or unpatched systems. And they need to implement audit and compliance controls on in-scope hosts.

The hypervisor-level firewall in VMware vCloud® Networking and Security App™ provides adaptive security that travels with virtual machines as they migrate from host to host so that enterprises can securely support their virtual applications in dynamic cloud environments.

  • Easily support applications belonging to different trust levels in the same virtual data center.
  • Ensure proper segmentation and enforce trust zones for all applications.
  • Gain visibility and control over network communications between virtual machines.
  • Implement agile policy enforcement based on logical constructs such as workloads you want to protect rather than infrastructure constructs such as IP addresses or VLANs.
Meet the Compliance Objectives

Ensuring configuration compliance of the underlying VMware infrastructure and in-scope virtual servers is a critical concern of organizations deploying business critical applications to the cloud. VMware solutions support compliance objectives in the virtual data center without compromising the benefits of cloud computing. They allow organizations to create business-based security groups and protect critical applications from network-based threats.

VMware® vRealize™ Configuration Manager™ (VCM) is a full-featured server configuration and compliance management solution.

  • Automate critical configuration and compliance management tasks including configuration data collection, change execution, reporting, change auditing, compliance assessment, patch management, OS provisioning and software package distribution.
  • Ensure that the infrastructure underling your business critical apps is hardened against security best practices, vendor hardening guidelines and regulatory mandates such as PCI, HIPAA and SOX.

VMware vCloud® Networking and Security ™ provides organizations with the ability to identify sensitive business information on unstructured file shares and ensure it is protected.

  • Identify and protect sensitive business information.
  • Predefined templates for country and industry-specific regulations, to quickly identify and reports on sensitive data exposures.
  • Improve performance by offloading data discovery functions to a virtual appliance.

These capabilities, along with trusted solutions from VMware partners, ensure that VMware-based solutions provide the strongest possible protection for your critical applications and data.

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