IoT Device Management with VMware Pulse IoT Center

VMware Pulse IoT Center is a secure, enterprise grade, IoT device management and monitoring solution that helps both Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) organizations to onboard, manage, monitor and secure their IoT use cases from the edge to the cloud.


VMware Pulse IoT Center

Onboard, manage, monitor and secure IoT devices from the edge all the way to the cloud with Pulse IoT Center.

Pulse IoT Center Overview

Get an in-depth overview of the key features and benefits of VMware Pulse IoT Center.



• Highly scalable solution that supports hundreds of thousands of diverse edge systems/gateways and IoT connected devices such as sensors and actuators.

• Offered as an on-premises solution for deployment flexibility and security; future versions will also be offered as cloud-hosted.

• Quickly and easily integrates with existing server-side monitoring and alerting capability through REST APIs, along with flexible client-side integration through Python-based SDK.


• Manage heterogeneous connected things and gateways with different hardware, operating systems, and communication protocols.

• Operate a single point of monitoring and management for the IoT infrastructure (across private networks composed of edge systems and connected devices) for both IT and OT users.


• Identify anomalies with real-time monitoring and perform infrastructure analytics.

• Visualize relationships between things and gateways to get an accurate picture of your IoT infrastructure topology (parent–child relationship diagram: 2-tier and 3-tier).


• Provide over-the-air software updates to connected edge systems and things.

• Secure onboarding, authentication and ongoing authorization.

• Enterprise wipe a compromised connected thing or gateway.


With time and security driving IoT deployment requirements, Pulse IoT Center can help simplify IoT complexity, improve the reliability and security of your IoT infrastructure, and accelerate the ROI of your IoT use case.

Scale your IoT Deployments Quickly and Easily

Easily add or remove large volumes of connected things from your network based on your changing business needs. This takes the stress out of going from POC to production, and allows you to focus on growing your IoT use cases in a simple and controlled manner.

Take Control of Your IoT Deployments

Since most IoT devices are in remote, un-manned locations, onboarding and continually tracking them can be a challenge. Get complete visibility and control over your connected devices and know where, what and how a “thing” is at all times.

Maintain Security and Privacy

VMware Pulse follows a multilayered approach to security. Learn More

Get Single-Pane-of-Glass Management

With Pulse IoT Center, you can manage diverse connected devices and edge systems from a single console, eliminating the need for multiple proprietary device management tools.


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IoT Device Management with VMware Pulse

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VMware Pulse IoT Center has the following built in security features:

Secure Onboarding (asset discovery, profiling and tracking)

• A unique username/password is used to enroll each gateway.

• A preassigned passphrase is used to decrypt enrollment staging package.

Threat Containment

• Use enterprise wipe to protect data from a compromised gateway/edge system.

• In future releases, Pulse will provide the ability to quarantine a gateway/IoT device for further investigation without impacting the operation of other connected things.

Authentication and Authorization

• Each gateway uses authorized Access Control Lists for ongoing communicating with the server to reduce spoofing.

• Utilizes HMAC Token for device session authentication for continued communication with the server.

Network Security

• SSL certificate encryption (TLS) - TLS encryption for server to server and client to server network communication.

• Future versions will incorporate micro-segmentation support with VMware NSX® integration.

• Active, real-time threat detection in partnership with 3rd party solutions.

Automated Monitoring, Detection and Response

• Secure content delivery of IoT apps, firmware or software patches/updates.

• Get over-the-air updates on secure channels.


Asset Tracking and Management

As more smart things and gateways connect to your networks, you need a way to track their location, ensure safety and easily provision and configure them with an IoT device management solution.

Over-the-Air Software and Security Updates

The software lifecycle on all IoT devices— whether those devices have operating systems or not—needs to be maintained on a regular basis, especially from a security perspective. You need to apply security patches to various components, add new functions/features or add new software or apps to gateways. Moreover, this all needs to be done over the air, so that your operations team is not required to manually update each physical device.

Monitoring and Alerts for IoT Infrastructure Health

Most IoT devices—such as sensors in oil wells, on facility ceilings, inside machines, on cranes or in jet engines, for example—are located in remote, unmanned areas and require real-time monitoring.

Operational Analytics

Gain visibility into IoT infrastructure performance by extracting operational data (like CPU utilization and battery life) and correlating it with historic data, as well as information from other devices, to gain insights into anomalies.


What is Project Liota?

Liota (Little IoT Agent) is a vendor-neutral, open source SDK for building IoT gateway applications for managing, monitoring and orchestrating data between things, gateways and the cloud/data center.

Why use Liota?

  • Simplify IoT gateway application development in an easy to use environment
  • Gain new insights through collection, analysis, storage and sharing of sensor data
  • Save time by focusing on app innovation instead of creating different versions of the same app for different gateways

How does Liota relate to VMware Pulse IoT Center?

Liota is the client-side module for VMware Pulse IoT Center, which resides on edge gateways or embedded “things.” It transmits data to the VMware Pulse IoT Center console back in the cloud/data center.

Learn more about Liota

Liota on Github

Little IoT Agent (Liota) is an open source offering for IoT solution developers and resides primarily on IoT gateways.

Download the SDK