Upgrading vRealize Operations


Run production operations hands-off and hassle-free with the latest release of VMware vRealize Operations, delivering continuous performance optimization based on intent, efficient capacity management, proactive planning and intelligent remediation.


The new capabilities of vRealize Operations 7.0 include:

  • Fully automated workload balancing across clusters, and down to the host level, based on business intent (e.g., utilization, compliance, license cost)
  • Forward-looking capacity forecast analytics including what-if scenarios for planning procurement, physical infrastructure, or cloud migration
  • Deeper integrations with vRealize Automation and vSAN
  • New dashboard creation canvas for custom dashboards you can quickly and easily share with anyone in your organization


vRealize Operations Technical Guide

vRealize Operations Technical Guide

Get a guided tour to learn the latest features and capabilities of vRealize Operations


Assure Application Performance

Tell vRealize Operations your specific IT operational or business needs, then let it automatically drive workload placement – saving you time, hassle, and money.

Predict, Prevent, and Troubleshoot

Extend visibility and troubleshooting into your entire software-defined data center through new native integrations and management packs, then quickly report to anyone in your organization with custom, shareable dashboards.

Run Infrastructure Like a Cloud Provider

Reclaim unused capacity, right-size virtual machines based on learned demand, and automate densification as you proactively plan procurement and cloud migration. Combine self-learning capacity analytics with costing information to easily understand and track how operational efficiency and capacity management drive cost efficiency.


First, run the vRealize Operations 7.0 Pre-Upgrade Readiness Assessment Tool using the instructions here.


Then, just follow 5 easy steps to upgrade, as explained in this video:

  1. Review and preserve customized content
  2. Create a snapshot of each node in the cluster
  3. Install the OS update using vRealize_Operations_Manager-VA-OS-xxx.pak
  4. Install the product update using vRealize_Operations_Manager-VA-xxx.pak
  5. Remove the snapshot post successful upgrade