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Our broad expertise, deep knowledge of VMware technology, and concentrated focus on your industry challenges will help you measure and deliver the outcomes your business demands. Accelerate adoption, empower teams with the right skills, and attain your long-term business and technology objectives.

Consulting Services

Leverage experts who know your industry and the technology and can help you with your strategy, roadmaps, architecture, and enterprise-wide implementation.

Technical Account Management Services

Ensure your organization is prepared to take full advantage of your VMware investments and that you attain your long-term business and technology objectives.

Education Services

Empower your teams with training designed to speed adoption and understanding of our products, so that you can create a self-sustaining enterprise.


Customer Stories

West Bend Mutual Insurance Improves Security Posture

“VMware Professional Services was able to help us accelerate and meet our quite aggressive timelines… the expertise they brought in allowed us to skip a lot of pitfalls and make sure that the final solution not only works for us now but is one we can scale and grow into.” — Brandon Hahn, Solutions Architect, West Bend Mutual Insurance

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Nebraska Medicine Achieves Cloud, Security, and Mobility Goals

“We had to have VMware help us with the know-how. We needed to learn from organizations across all industries how they automate their infrastructure and what those best practices are, and the only way we could do that is through Professional Services from VMware.” — Brian Lancaster, VP, Information Technology, Nebraska Medicine

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Zebra Moves at the Speed of Business

“We could not afford to make a mistake. We had to have it all work the first time. Otherwise we were sunk. VMware Professional Services was the one key behind making that happen—and making it happen again, in a year’s time.” — Dr. Kelly Jones, Consultant, Zebra

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VMware Professional Services Blogs


Gain valuable insights, learning and development opportunities to help you unlock the power of VMware technology and drive business outcomes.


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Our new VMware Master Services

Competencies give your organization access to trusted and certified partners with the resources, knowledge, skills, and tools to successfully deliver services.


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