VMware Integrated OpenStack 4.1 Promotion


For a limited time, receive 10 quantity of per CPU license for VMware Integrated OpenStack 4.1 – Datacenter Edition and one (1) year of corresponding Production Support and Subscription (SnS) at no additional charge, with purchase of eligible VMware products.

OpenStack is an open source framework for building and managing a private cloud.

VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO) is an OpenStack distribution supported by VMware, optimized to run on VMware virtualization technologies (vSphere, NSX and vSAN). VIO delivers a production ready OpenStack that is easy to deploy and set up, and easy to manage with expertise already exists in the organization. Because VIO is compliant with the most recent OpenStack Foundation guidelines, customers can leverage the enterprise-grade capabilities of the underlying VMware technologies while avoiding vendor lock-in.

Key Capabilities

  • Implement a developer cloud – increase developer productivity by delivering self-service and programmable access to infrastructure resources through standard, open APIs. Provide developers with the public cloud-like user experience with the agility and ease of use they want.

  • Leverage network virtualization with VMware NSX – deploy a programmable network with advanced network capabilities through OpenStack APIs.

  • Orchestrate and manage containers with Kubernetes on OpenStack – deploy a production ready Kubernetes environment.

New with VMware Integrated OpenStack 4.1 

Support for multiple LDAPs

Today customers can configure only one LDAP (user access management) to OpenStack. Most enterprise customers have more than one LDAP. This feature will extend the LDAP support in Keystone (OpenStack identity management) from one to multiple, allowing customer to easier map their existing LDAP structure into OpenStack.

Advanced container management capabilities

Enhance Kubernetes management with day 2 operations, backup and recovery and scaling.

LBaaS support for NSX-T

Users will be able to configure LBaaS with NSX-T. LBaaS is already supported with NSX-V, this will extend that support to include NSX-T.

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