Modern Security for the Digital Infrastructure

VMware takes customer security very seriously. Customers seeking to use our products and cloud service offerings can be confident that the relevant components of security are addressed.


As of May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is enforceable in the European Union. VMware’s portfolio of technology and services can help customers implement solutions for data protection use cases, which in turn, may form part of an organization’s efforts to comply with the GDPR.

VMware Cloud on AWS is GDPR Ready

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3 Ways Workspace ONE Simplifies Your GDPR

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Networking & Security Solutions

Intrinsic security for your digital Infrastructure.

Cloud Services Security

VMware Cloud on AWS security overview.

Security Partners & Solutions

VMware Technology Alliance Partners products.


VMware Security Overview


As the industry-leading virtualization software company, VMware maintains best-in-class security standards through all facets of our products and cloud services, which also align with the major compliance certifications. This includes well-established programs and practices to identify and remediate security vulnerabilities in our products and to mitigate software security risks to customers. To see a list of reported vulnerabilities, or sign up to receive advisories via email, visit the VMware Security Advisories page.


Security is of the utmost importance to us. Our programs are continually evolving based on our own experiences, changes in the threat landscape, and our learnings based on industry observation and collaboration. By leveraging VMware products and cloud services, you can modernize, scale, and automate your digital infrastructure with agility, and without making any concessions in security.

VMware Security Response Center

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VMware Security Certifications

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Security Hardening Guides

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VMware Security Development Lifecycle

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VMware products and solutions support regulated industries on their journey to achieve better security and compliance.

Higher Education

Support limitless learning with modern, mobile, and secure IT solutions.

Financial Services

Reduce risk and streamline compliance with industry-leading hybrid cloud, SDDC and digital workspace solutions from VMware.

State & Local Government

Address compliance, identity management, threat detection, and remediation across devices, applications, and networks.


Streamline security and compliance by delivering always-available access to electronic medical records.

Primary and Second Education

Secure today’s digital classrooms with VMware’s unique software-defined server, desktop, networking, and identity-based security solutions.

Federal Government

Take a software-defined approach to cybersecurity that maximizes visibility, context, and control of interactions between users, apps, and data.


Safely embrace IoT, deliver 24/7 uptime, and secure the delivery of data and applications globally.


Strengthen cybersecurity across retail platforms while helping to ensure PCI compliance.