Defend Against Higher Education Cybersecurity Threats

Dynamic Security for Changing Educational Environments

  • Easily extend security policies and use network micro-segmentation to create a zero-trust environment from the data center to the cloud to the device.
  • Provide a ubiquitous security software layer to protect your environment from threats inside and out.
  • Detect and isolate threats inside the data center and automatically remediate.

Streamline Compliance

  • Help ensure a compliant-capable architecture using templates and VMware Validated Designs (e.g. FERPA, PCI, NIST 800-171, HIPAA).
  • Centralize infrastructure to Improve consistency of IT environments across campus
  • Provide secure access to educational IT environments without storing data on endpoint devices.
  • Secure devices when data resides on them and enforce compliance through an integrated compliance engine.
  • Protect PII and IP by securing identities, access, and endpoints without impacting user experiences.

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