Empower the Digital Workspace for Higher Education

Expand Online Learning Initiatives

  • Meet the needs of new student populations and grow revenue.
  • Use technology to level the playing field and help ensure equity for students of all economic backgrounds
  • Help traditional and non-traditional students achieve better school-life balance by providing access to educational resources anytime, anywhere and from any device.
  • Deliver all educational applications, including 3D graphics intensive apps, in single sign on (SSO) to a single student workspace (Digital Backpack).


Deliver Secure Mobile Learning Environments

  • Attract top student and faculty talent by delivering agile IT services that are available anytime, anywhere, and on any device.
  • Meet the technology expectations of students by providing access to all applications remotely – even 3D graphics intensive apps.
  • Dynamically provision applications and data based on class load.
  • Securely embrace BYO while respecting student and faculty privacy and reducing costs
  • Reduce the need for resources associated with physical lab environments
  • Secure identity, access, and endpoints while improving student and faculty experiences.


Improve Productivity with Hands-On Learning

  • Improves student recruitment and retainment through technology enabled learning and on-line courses.
  • All-in-one turn-key solution delivers flexibility in location, time, and scheduling of lab learning.
  • Delivers students real-world simulation paired with tradition content for an enhanced learning experience.
  • Consolidated platform is built to expand based on on-premise or off-premise needs.

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