Transform Security

Protect sensitive data, digital assets, and citizen PII with end-to-end cybersecurity solutions that streamline compliance, enforce identity-based access management, and extend security from the data center to the endpoint device.


Jefferson County protects citizen data and maintains compliance in a zero trust environment.

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Learn how California's Vallejo Sanitation and Flood Control District transforms security with VMware NSX, AirWatch, and Palo Alto Networks integration.

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Solution Benefits

Transform security architecture

Build robust data center micro-segmentation that lets IT easily create and manage workload-specific security controls that guard against threats and outsmart traditional perimeter defenses

Meet security-hardening guidelines

Reduce ever-increasing, dynamic threats while meeting the stringent requirements of government IT

Streamline governance

Fortify from the inside, creating a resilient infrastructure that ensures your agency is ready, responsive, and efficient

Improve Education 

Leverage a secure and contained digital learning environment for educating inmates in support of reducing recidivism


VMware Workspace ONE

Enable advanced access management, threat protection, and continuous diagnostic monitoring across endpoints.

VMware Horizon 7

Standardize virtual desktop and application management across identity sources.

VMware AirWatch

Manage and secure any endpoint—including desktops—from a single platform.

VMware NSX

Create and embed networks in the hypervisor layer to increase network and application security.



City of Avondale improves security with VMware NSX.

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Travis Central Appraisal District Embraces a Digital Workspace to Protect Data and Improve Operations