Why Retailers Choose VMware

Transform Retail Security Posture

Implement a security model that enforces Zero Trust through infrastructure intelligence to quickly detect, isolate, and remediate threats targeting retail operations and customer data.

Harden Data Center Security

Protect data centers from attacks and unauthorized access with a built-in, software-based approach to securing east-west traffic and preventing the lateral movement of network threats.

Unify IT and Security Strategies

Modernize the SOC and ensure visibility across an increasingly distributed IT infrastructure. Improve context into risks and respond collaboratively between controls and teams.

Streamline Compliance

Detect and respond to vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and change activity across on-prem and cloud environments, and automate policy control checks across compliance frameworks.

Use Cases

Use Cases

Protect Against Cyber Attacks and Reduce Risk

Safeguard consumer data and protect against cyberattacks from data center to cloud to edge. Secure apps and workloads across clouds, endpoints, workspaces, and networks and support the entire protection lifecycle everywhere.

Meet Industry Requirements

Achieve visibility across on-premises, cloud, and edge environments. Automate policies across frameworks, maintain compliance with PCI, GDPR and other mandates, and quickly respond to misconfigurations and change activity.

Market Leaders Trust VMware

Netflix DVD Strives for Highest Security Posture

In response to the pandemic, Netflix DVD had to adapt. Not only did the user experience change, but attack numbers and vectors increased dramatically. Learn how VMware’s unique approach to security keeps Netflix DVD customer data safe.

More Retail Solutions

Transform Retail Operations with Modern IT

Drive new business models and services while reducing IT costs and complexity. Rely on VMware digital infrastructure to quickly respond to changing customer and workforce needs.

Improve Customer and Employee Experience

Optimize and personalize the shopping experience across channels. Drive customer loyalty and growth and empower a distributed retail workforce to do its best work from anywhere.

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