Enable the next generation of patient-centric care.

Leading healthcare organizations are transforming the cost, quality and delivery of patient care with VMware healthcare solutions.

Today, more than ever, healthcare service providers seek to differentiate their services as patient satisfaction remains a top priority and the demand for quality healthcare continues to grow. VMware transforms the cost, quality and delivery of patient care through a Digital Clinical Workspace. We help mobilize providers to deliver the best patient care at any location - with always-on access to information from the right device for the right task at the right time.


The Digital Clinical Workspace – Information Pack

As the healthcare industry continues to quickly evolve, this complete information pack, consisting of five whitepapers, sheds valuable light and insights into everything from the transforming the way IT delivers digital healthcare services, to safeguarding against cyber-threats, to understanding the business value of The Digital Clinical Workspace.


Download Report Pack: The Digital Clinical Workspace - Complete Information Pack


Transforming Healthcare - An Interactive Report

Take an interactive look at how leading healthcare organizations are managing tight budgets and strict regulations in the age of transformation. This clickable look inside a medical center gives you deep insight into simplified clinical workflows and shows how AirWatch can help you optimize your organization with the power of mobility.


Download Report: Transforming Healthcare

The Digital Clinical Workspace - Mobilizing Healthcare

The future of patient care is here. With mobile clinical workspaces, care providers finally have easy-to-access information at their fingertips. Find out how VMware Workspace ONE helps you deliver a differentiated patient experience via an optimized Digital Clinical Workspace.


Download Report: The Digital Clinical Workspace — Mobilizing Healthcare In The Hospital, The Community And At Home



Samitivej Hospital Workspace – A Look Inside


“By using VDI, we’ve transformed the way doctors work” says CIO Dr. Panuratn, who employed VMware Virtual Desktop solutions to give his 3,000-strong staff instant, secure patient data access.


–Dr. Panuratn Thanyasiri, CIO, Samitivej Hospital Group 


VMware is transforming the way caregivers deliver to patients - because always-on information often makes all the difference in the world to those in need.

Hands-on Labs are the fastest and easiest way to test-drive the full technical capabilities of VMware products. These evaluations are free, up and running on your browser in minutes, and require no installation. Give them a try today and easily evaluate the features and functionality of the VMware internet applications.

See how AirWatch can optimize your organization with the power of mobility by starting with the basics.

2:45 hrs

Learn about the integration of AirWatch and Identity Manager, part of Workspace ONE, to enable single sign-on into an app from any device.

3:15 hrs

Explore the new features and benefits available in Horizon 7. Learn best practices for using Blast, Instant Clone and more.

1:30 hrs