Transforming Security: There’s Never Been a Better Time

As the digital economy continues to evolve, IT teams are scrambling to keep up with the changing requirements. From the demand for speed and accuracy to the need for agility and performance, it can be difficult to juggle it all and still maintain robust security.

Some of the top challenges IT is facing as the data center landscape evolves include:

The changing nature of applications, infrastructure, and security attacks.

Application infrastructure is no longer confined to on-premises data centers but is now highly dynamic, and spread out between public and private multi-cloud environments. That makes security more complex, especially as threats become more sophisticated.

The high cost of security breaches.

Organizations of all sizes remain vulnerable to persistent, sophisticated threats—and the price of breaches just keeps rising. The annual cost of global cyber espionage is estimated to be around $500 billion.*

Increasingly strict requirements for regulatory compliance.

From industry-specific requirements like PCI, FISMA, ECPA, and HIPAA, to differences in regulations from the cloud to on-premises, it’s not easy to get or stay in compliance.

To protect applications, data, and users, organizations need to totally transform the way they view and enforce security.

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A three-part approach to better security

A security solution that’s built to tackle both current and future challenges can give you the ability to support your business and gain a competitive edge. VMware provides a ubiquitous software layer across application infrastructure and endpoints that is independent of the underlying physical infrastructure or location. This approach can help you:

Icon - Secure Application Infrastructure

Secure application infrastructure

Icon - Secure identity and endpoints

Secure identity and

Icon - Streamline Compliance


VMware solutions make it possible for your IT team to leverage the power of the cloud, and focus on innovation and strategic initiatives—instead of spending all your time trying to prevent costly attacks or compliance errors.


With more time and improved visibility, you can keep your organization more secure, and help it succeed in the digital economy.


*Cost of Data Center Outages, Ponemon Institute, January 2016