Even as the need to mitigate more malicious security threats grows, organizations today still must deliver on agility, innovation and efficiency.

Despite increased spending on security initiatives, security breaches are expected to grow to more than 1.5 billion being affected by the year 2020. Internet separation offers high levels of security protection but also dramatically increases management costs in time, money and multi-workstation deployment. Virtualized internet separation provides security answers that improve end-user experience and productivity.


Internet Separation – An IDC InfoBrief

Internet separation provides an exceptional level of protection – yet it places extreme deployment and management complexity strains on businesses. This InfoBrief compares the key differences between full internet separation and virtual internet separation.



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Internet Separation Overview

As organizations seek to combat more aggressive, modern-day cybersecurity threats, they continue to seek solutions that allow them to manage costs, complexity and risk. This whitepaper discusses internet separation options.


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Internet Separation with Horizon Virtual Desktops and Apps

Virtualized internet separation can increase IT agility, flexibility, and scalability. Workloads get deployed faster, performance and availability increases and operations become automated, resulting in IT that's simpler to manage and less costly to own and operate.


DOWNLOAD SOLUTION OVERVIEW: Find out how you can use simple, secure solutions to defend against cyber-attacks and ensure data protection.


Software-Defined Internet Separation Powered by VMware Horizon


How do you choose the right internet separation architecture for your organization's needs? VMware has created a broad offering that answers real software defined internet separation needs. Read this blog to discover the six layers of internet separation, and see how they function.




Try these easy, no-cost methods to evaluate the features and functionality of the following VMware internet applications.

Explore the features & benefits of Horizon 7 including Windows 10 integration. Learn best practices for using Blast, Instant Clone & more.

1:30 hrs

Explore NSX, the platform for network virtualization, and its features such as logical switching, routing, firewall and network services.

4:5 hrs

Explore use cases around VMware NSX and Micro-Segmentation, including in depth reviews of the Distributed Firewall and Service Composer UI.

2:15 hrs