A Growing Concern

Raising crops is filled with uncertainty given the whims of nature and ever-changing markets. An expanding company, Certis offers growers across six European countries a broad portfolio of crop protection products—from beneficial insects to soil enhancers and conventional chemicals. With so many options, customers do not always know what to use to produce bumper crops. That’s why VMware Dynamic Environment Manager is essential to empowering Certis employees in the field, helping them gain access to vital information anywhere at any time. The VMware solution offers Certis IT a highly efficient, effective way to manage user environments for the company’s mobile workforce. 

Certis Europe reduces log-in times dramatically with VMware UEM

Certis Europe and VMware 

Customer Satisfaction

When employees are happy, their satisfaction is often apparent to customers. Recognizing this, Certis set out to improve how employees work in the field, including eliminating wait times of more than 2.5 minutes as staff tried to use mobile devices to access the information they needed to answer customer questions and place orders. Fortunately, things changed when Certis adopted VMware Dynamic Environment Manager, with login times dropping to just 17 seconds and easier access to a wealth of information. Equally important: The personalized mobile experiences improved productivity and boosted both employee and customer satisfaction.

Certis Europe

Location: Maarssen, the Netherlands
Industry: Agriculture
Products: VMware vSphere, Dynamic Environment Manager


Business Mobility

Where better to sell crop protection products than in the field? That’s why Certis’s mobile workforce is essential; yet equipping those employees was challenging. Long login times, inability to access current information, and a less-than-intuitive user experience with difficult software upgrades caused frequent delays and for employees to call the IT helpdesk. Today, with VMware Dynamic Environment Manager, the user experience is seamless, consistent, and personalized—untethering Certis’s mobile workers so they can assist growers across Europe.

IT and Security Improvements

Since Certis adopted VMware Dynamic Environment Manager, software upgrades and migrations are smoother, and IT support requests have plummeted. Security is also less of a concern, an important factor because many of Certis’s products contain patented chemicals backed by proprietary research. End-user profiles, once painful for IT, can now be managed with ease. And, with VMware’s self-help option, employees can often resolve issues themselves instead of contacting the helpdesk.

What Certis Europe has to say about us

"Happy employees sell better. Today, our employees spend less time contacting IT and more time advising customers and accelerating orders. In short, everyone within Certis Europe profits from Dynamic Environment Manager."


Guido Thonissen, ICT Manager, Certis Europe


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