November 1, 2018 / By VMware PR

Building a Low-Carbon Economy


At VMware, we realize that all parts of our business have global impact–from the products we create and the people we employ to our environmental footprint. Today, we are proud to announce key milestones and progress in our journey to drive global impact across people, products and the planet:

  1. Achievement of carbon neutrality two years ahead of schedule
  2. A partnership with the City of Palo Alto on a proof-of-concept for a community microgrid, and
  3. The opening of a new Discovery Center, which is meant to encourage collaboration and inspiration for our customers and the community


Reaching Carbon Neutrality

First, we are pleased to announce that VMware has reached our goal of carbon neutrality two years ahead of schedule through a combination of energy efficiency initiatives, renewable energy projects and purchasing, and delivering financing to low-carbon, sustainable development projects.


To start, we have achieved carbon neutral certification, including scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3 business travel emissions. Our efforts include achieving 100 percent virtualization in our datacenter; energy efficiency upgrades and retrofits in our real estate operations; renewable energy certificates; green tariffs and carbon offsets. VMware is committed to transparency and reports greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions annually to CDP (a not-for-profit charity that runs the global environmental disclosure system for business and subnational governments). Furthermore, we’ve committed to ongoing GHG management, mitigation and reductions through science-based targets. We are investing in renewable energy for our own operations and expect to achieve 100 percent renewable energy in 2020.


We also strive to demonstrate leadership by participating in renewable energy coalitions. These include RE100, a global collaborative of businesses committed to using 100 percent renewables, and BSR’s Future of Internet Power, an initiative to support data centers and co-locations in the transition to renewable energy.


Partnering with the Community

Today we are also excited to announce with the City of Palo Alto our intent to work together on a joint exploration of a community microgrid powered by 100 percent renewable energy. Beginning as a proof-of-concept on the VMware Palo Alto campus, the microgrid will serve as a testbed to explore the potential of community microgrids for integrating distributed energy resources and integrating renewable energy in order to maintain resilience at the corporate and community level.


As part of our commitment to innovate in everything we do, we invest in “exponential technologies” that have the potential to transform how neighborhoods, towns, and cities meet their energy needs, freeing them from dependence on archaic grid technologies and traditional energy sources. Community microgrids are a major rethinking of how energy distribution works, moving us away from a centralized distribution model to local systems that can connect to the main grid or operate independently.


Renewable energy-powered microgrids offer several potential benefits, including:

  • Lower costs from energy transmission through local, on-site storage
  • Energy resilience and security, which can help communities operate independently and recover faster when the main grid is down, and which provide an indefinite source of backup power for fire, medical, and other emergency services
  • Reduced reliance on the fossil fuel-intensive power plants that feed the centralized grid

We’re excited to launch this proof-of-concept and explore the possibilities of this compelling technology with the City of Palo Alto.


Opening the New VMware Discovery Center

Located at VMware’s headquarters, the Discovery Center is meant to inspire interaction and encourage customers and visitors to discover the possibilities of technology.


As a forum for innovation and discourse, the Discovery Center will serve as a backdrop for a community event and panel discussion, “Innovating for Good–The Opportunity and Responsibility for Tech.” In this panel session, industry luminaries will explore the connections between the Fourth Industrial Revolution and accelerating progress on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, specifically Goal 9: Industries, Innovation and Infrastructure.


Read more about the news and the panel in a perspective from VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger as well as an overview of today’s news from VMware VP of Sustainability Nicola Acutt.


Throughout VMware’s 20-year history, the company has pioneered solutions to help build a low-carbon economy. We aspire to have a net positive impact by putting back more than we take and involving all parts of our business in the challenge. We look forward to continued opportunities to embed sustainability into our business and operations in order to drive positive environmental and social change on a global scale.