Horizon with Blast 3D

Turn any Device into a Secure, Powerful Graphics Workstation

Horizon with Blast 3D breaks the tethers of the physical workstation. Virtual desktops now deliver immersive 2D and 3D graphics seamlessly rendered on any device, accessible from any location. Power users and designers can collaborate with global teams in real time while organizations increase workforce productivity, save on costs and expand user capabilities.

With a portfolio of solutions including software and hardware-based graphics acceleration technologies, VMware Horizon provides a full spectrum approach to enhancing user experience and accelerating application responsiveness. Take advantage of Soft-3D, vSGA, vDGA and NVIDIA GRID vGPU to deliver the right level of user experience and performance for every use case in your organization. Now you can:

  • Deliver secure, immersive 3D graphics from the cloud. Power users and designers get the same graphics experience they would expect from dedicated hardware, delivered securely and cost-effectively.
  • Improve collaboration workflow and reduce costs. Let dispersed teams collaborate on large graphics datasets in real time, from the cloud.
  • Provide greater security for mission-critical data. Protect intellectual property and improve security by centralizing data files.
  • Deploy with confidence. A growing portfolio of leading ISV certifications including ESRI, PTC and Siemens ensures users get the same graphics performance and experience as from their physical PCs or workstations.

Horizon with NVIDIA GRID 2.0 – an Overview

Facilitate Real-Time Collaboration for Global Engineering Teams

International engineering construction firms developing graphically intensive projects must facilitate real-time collaboration across their dispersed project teams. Give teams access to project designs on any device from anywhere with the responsiveness of a physical workstation by having your data in one central graphics-accelerated virtual environment.

  • Reduce the costs of supporting power computing
  • Lessen security risks with secure access
  • Avoid version confusion by having everyone access the same files

Horizon with Blast 3D

Make Power Computing Accessible for Academic BYOD Users

Today’s educational institutions provide rich technology environments for students and faculty, most of whom bring their own devices to campus. Students with high computing needs and those using 3D graphics software need to be able to retrieve their projects remotely, not just in a shared workstation graphics lab. Graphics-accelerated virtual desktop environments allow students to work on projects from their own laptops or phones.


North Carolina State University leverages Horizon View virtualized desktops to support BYOD initiative.


Flexible Delivery Of 3D Applications, To Any Device, Anywhere


Customer Case Study: SSOE Group

See how SSOE Group leverages Horizon for global collaboration and intellectual property.

Walkthrough of the TryGRID demo built on Horizon with NVIDIA GRID vGPU


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Horizon with Blast Performance 


Blast Adaptive UX

Provide optimized, uncompromised access to Horizon desktops and apps using either Blast Extreme, PCoIP or RDP display protocols with built-in features that adapt to network conditions automatically, delivering the best experience possible, through either Horizon or browser-based clients.


Blast Multimedia

Deliver rich video playback for Flash, HTML5, QuickTime, Microsoft Silverlight and Windows Media to a variety of desktop and mobile endpoints.


Blast 3D Services

Built on the broadest virtualized graphics capabilities in the industry, including hardware-accelerated graphics with NVIDIA GRID vGPU technology.


Blast Live Communications

Enable greater user productivity with full access to collaboration tools including headsets and webcams, for rich audio and video within applications such as Skype, Google Hangouts, Cisco WebEx and more.


Blast Unity Touch

Easily browse, search and open Windows applications and files from mobile devices with intuitive tools, easier navigation and search bar providing quick access to files.


Blast Local Access

Simplify workflow with support for a broad array of peripheral devices such as USB flash drives, printers, smart card devices, smartphones, tablets and more.


Blast with Horizon Clients

Leverage unified clients for a full-featured, consistently great user experience across devices and locations.