Forrester - Enabling Zero Trust Security Through Network Virtualization and Micro-Segmentation


Today, hacking has become a commodity that anyone anywhere can buy or learn. Organizations must work to change how they defend their networks by countering the proliferation of the attack vectors. The time to turn inward is now.


Forrester found that companies today attribute more of their security issues to improper network segmentation than the volume of threats overall. In response, network virtualization is becoming a key piece of the security apparatus for leaders across industries as organizations leverage the power of virtual capabilities to enable strategic security initiatives.



  • For IT pros, dealing with security threats is now a fact of life.
  • Network virtualization is the first step in reducing the severity of incidents.
  • The next step is micro-segmentation.


Download the Forrester report to gain the necessary perspective and insight into architecting a zero trust security framework.


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