Intel - 4 Steps to Transforming Network Security


There are more data, devices, users, and endpoints than ever, giving rise to an old but formidable enemy: security threats. With so many threat vectors, it’s not difficult for hackers to find a vulnerable point for entry, gain access to valuable data, and leave costly damage in their wake.


Traditional perimeter protection doesn’t work anymore, because the perimeter no longer exists. Applications and data are distributed, virtualized, and exist in many different locations—we need another approach. Siloed technology impedes visibility and makes everyday processes more complex, while hardware-based solutions can’t maintain the agility needed to respond in time.


Security should intelligently align to the needs of the business in a pervasive and unobtrusive way. It should give you the confidence and peace of mind that you are protected while you run your business. Security can help enable digitalization, not impede it.


Download the 4 Steps to Transforming Network Security report to gain the necessary perspective and insight into architecting an intelligently aligned security framework.


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