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4 Essential Roles to Supercharge Your Digital Transformation Team

Behind every great CIO—and successful enterprise digital transformation—is a group of high-performing technologists and business leaders armed with the agility, tribal knowledge, and ability to drive competitive advantage and value for the enterprise despite constant change. Help your IT organization succeed in the digital era by bridging skill gaps, embracing new ways of working, and driving culture changes. With the right organizational structure in place, you’ll be able to focus on more strategic areas of responsibility, opportunity, and disruptive innovation.


Meet the leaders and individual contributors shaping the next generation of IT talent. 


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Forbes Insights – The CIO Of 2025: Driving Fundamental Enterprise Change

Over the next five years, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) will lead their companies toward fundamentally new ways of doing business. Already leaders in corporate strategy and innovation, the CIOs of 2025 will be much more heavily invested in business outcomes, with direct responsibility for generating revenue. They will work closely with other leaders to understand how business units make their money and where competitive pressures exist, using their expertise to build solutions specifically aimed at improving topline results. These are some of the key findings from a Forbes Insights survey of more than 650 global CIOs from organizations with annual revenue of $1 billion or more. This brief highlights the key opportunities enterprise CIOs will have in the next few years and the challenges they must confront as they steer their companies toward success—accelerating business and generating revenue, as well as ensuring their own personal evolution in the process.

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