Digital Transformation

Bridging the Developer and Operations Divide

IT leaders who have started improving their app portfolios see big business outcomes. But just because IT leaders understand the impact of applications on customer experience doesn’t mean the business does. 

Here we explore how IT and business must come together for a true DevOps culture to grow, and how to start and scale your own DevOps efforts while overcoming common obstacles.

  • The Case for Building a DevOps Strategy
  • Tips to Help You Succeed with DevOps
  • What Successful DevOps Teams Do Differently






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Agile in the Real World - Guests: Vipul Nagrath (CIO) and Mark Chamberlain (Global Head of IaaS) at ADP

Asking IT leaders to form even one agile software development team can be challenging for enterprises seeking time-to-market advantages. So how did a global human capital company successfully form 200 globally? Hear ADP CIO, Vipul Nagrath, and ADP Global Head of Infrastructure, Mark Chamberlain, describe how they put people at the center of digital transformation. How they not only shifted technology, but reorganized global operations to enable infrastructure and development teams to speak a common coding language.

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