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The Telco Evolution: Connecting a New World, Shekar Ayyar, GM & EVP of VMware Telco

At the start of 2020, telco conversations were all about 5G and growing Edge networks. The pandemic changed all that, underscoring the need to agilely support first responders and increasing the focus on business continuity and remote workforces. Global telecommunications companies are looking to continue their planned 5G rollout and Edge expansion to improve customer and employee experiences, while also responding to challenges driven by the pandemic. Shekar Ayyar, GM & EVP of VMware’s Telco and Edge Cloud unit, provides his point of view on how to navigate global uncertainty while maintaining the goals and vision of the business. 


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Shifting Culture for Agile and DevOps – Joseph Johnson, VP IT Transformation of Windstream

The rapid pace of innovation has created an urgent need for organizations to move faster. However, tools and methodologies like Agile and DevOps are useless unless they are integrated into the fabric of the company culture. Joseph Johnson, VP IT Transformation at Windstream, reveals how he addresses the challenges of fundamentally changing the way that teams work together.

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