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Customer Experience Begins and Ends with the App Portfolio

In an On-Demand, Software-As-A-Service (Saas) Economy, Customer Experience Was Everything. Now It’s Critical.


The already significant demand placed on app development teams will be only greater as organizations look to new business services to adapt customer engagement models, create new revenue opportunities and serve a more distributed set of employees.



A recently published Forrester Consulting study reveals that nearly all technology executives agree that improving the application portfolio is key to improving the customer experience. The study, commissioned by VMware, explores the connection between customer experience and the app portfolio in more detail.


For best practices and a comparison between your app modernization journey and those of more than 600 global IT executives, read the latest Forrester Consulting study, Improving Customer Experience and Revenue Starts with the App Portfolio.


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Moving to a Digital-First Customer Experience


This in-depth discussion covers ways to think about approach and strategy in implementing differentiated customer experiences. Watch here to learn how to create a strong digital foundation to support new modern cloud-native applications as well as all other applications needed to run your business and provide excellent customer experiences. 


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New Forrester Consulting Study Confirms: CIOs Need to Prioritize Application Modernization Now

If you're a CIO, CTO or senior technology leader, you know how competitive today's digital marketplace is. More than ever before, customer experience is critical to driving business growth and competitive differentiation. Are you doing enough to create amazing customer experiences? Forrester Consulting recently surveyed more than 600 global enterprise CIOs and SVPs of IT to learn how their application portfolios are impacting customer experience and revenue goals. In this video, Dave Bartoletti, VP Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, presents key findings from the report, including why today's IT leaders should view customer experience as the key barometer of business success.

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