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In five years’ time, CIOs will have new responsibilities in the C-suite and across the enterprise, extending their strategic influence over product development, marketing, human resources, the supply chain and more. They will be challenged to discover new ways of generating revenue and introduce new capabilities that create unparalleled efficiencies. To help CIOs navigate the rocky path ahead is a road map reflecting the critical capabilities CIOs will have to acquire in order to excel in 2025, based on a recent global Forbes survey of more than 650 enterprise CIOs across all sectors. 


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CIO FORECAST: Your 5-Part Plan for 2025

There are 2,000 days between now and 2025–and CIOs are determined to make great use of them. As corporate strategy and innovation leaders, the CIOs of 2025 will be more heavily invested in business outcomes and bear direct responsibility for revenue generation. These are some of the key findings from a Forbes Insights survey of more than 650 global CIOs from organizations with annual revenues of $1 billion or more. 

Dive into this infographic to explore the research in more detail. You’ll learn the key opportunities enterprise CIOs will have in the next few years and the challenges they must confront as they steer their companies toward success.

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