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Gauge Your Cloud Maturity

Cloud is no longer an option — it's inevitable. But cloud strategies differ extensively, based on the context of your organization and investments. Drivers such as industry, risk tolerance, and preparation dictate the pace, scope, and technologies you need. However, every cloud strategy should share key activities. This report guides infrastructure and operations (I&O) pros through Forrester's cloud maturity assessment so they can gauge where their firms are on their journeys and discover which core competencies they need to strengthen or develop to enable their pragmatic cloud reality.


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The CIO Roadmap to Hybrid and Multi Cloud

This much is true: public cloud adoption will continue to rise globally. This much is also true: Private clouds remain valuable, and hybrid and multi-cloud deployments are becoming the norm—not the exception.

While cloud has become a key driver of business expansion and operational efficiency, business and IT leaders still struggle to understand how to transform their organizations into cloud-driven and cloud-optimized enterprises. Despite the market increasingly viewing the data center and public cloud as part of a singular hybrid strategy with the ability to leverage pools of resources from multiple resources, McKinsey has it right: “Moving applications and data to public-cloud platforms involves working through a formidable set of technology, security, operational, and financial issues.”

Migrating to public cloud doesn’t have to be difficult, but it can be. Failure, loss of time, and loss of money are avoidable with a well-thought-out migration strategy that incorporates the technology, people, and processes needed to run and extend a best-in-class private cloud to one or multiple public clouds.

The CIO Roadmap to Hybrid and Multi-Cloud gives CIOs measurable benchmarks to gauge their cloud aspirations against organizational realities, offering actionable insights that support current and future-facing business and IT objectives.

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