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Leading through Uncertainty - Ahmad Yahya, CIO, American Hospital Dubai

With geopolitical, environmental, and cultural uncertainty, there is a high degree of potential for disruption to an organization’s continuity of operations. In this video, Ahmad Yahya, CIO of American Hospital Dubai, talks about what organizations need to think about to be prepared for dramatic shifts in the needs of the market and their workforce. Watch the Video (2:39).


Global Uncertainty and Leadership: Paul Green, CIO of Angel MedFlight and Bask Iyer, CIO of VMware

The COVID-19 global pandemic has completely changed how we're living our lives. While some organizations were prepared for the dramatic shifts in the needs of the market and their workforce, many were not. The ripple effects that will be felt by these events are impossible to predict, and technology leaders are grappling with problems they cannot even define. We brought together Paul Green, CIO of Angel MedFlight, a medical emergency aviation company, and Bask Iyer, CIO and CDTO of VMware, to discuss their perspectives on the effects that the crisis is having on business from a technology leadership as well as a human perspective.

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