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Improving Customer Experience to Drive Revenue Growth, Veena Dandapani, VP Transformation, Western Union

Veena Dandapani, VP of Transformation at Western Union, understands how critically important it is for technology leaders to improve the customer experience to drive revenue. Hear her perspective on the blurring lines of responsibility between technology and product organizations. Watch the Video (1:29)


Forbes Insights – A Road Map for The CIO Of 2025

In five years’ time, CIOs will have new responsibilities in the C-suite and across the enterprise, extending their strategic influence over product development, marketing, human resources, the supply chain and more. They will be challenged to discover new ways of generating revenue and introduce new capabilities that create unparalleled efficiencies. To help CIOs navigate the rocky path ahead is a road map reflecting the critical capabilities CIOs will have to acquire in order to excel in 2025, based on a recent global Forbes survey of more than 650 enterprise CIOs across all sectors.

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