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Collaborating on innovations that matter - Muneyb Minhazuddin, VP Solution & Product Marketing at VMware

Today’s IT leaders need to be both tech and business savvy. Many organizations’ digital transformation journey begins when business and IT teams come together to share ideas and collaborate on innovations that matter. But the challenges and opportunities in each industry are often quite different. 


Despite the differences, however, common themes emerge. Everyone is trying to unlock more value from the products and services they provide. All are under increasing pressure to improve their agility and drive innovation while containing cost and managing risk. And all are trying to expand their base while beating back challenges from disruptive upstarts and other external forces.


Hear from Muneyb Minhazuddin, VP Solution & Product Marketing at VMware on the common challenges IT leaders face to innovate with technology. Watch the Video (2:53)


Transforming the Customer Experience – Joe Johnson, VP IT Transformation of Windstream

Making real change happen means making real connections with real people. Time spent in your call center can be just as important as your strategy sessions. Joe Johnson, VP IT Transformation at Windstream, reveals how he approaches the improvement of the customer experience, not just through technology, but through real connections. Watch the Video (1:56)

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