Executive Perspectives

Launching a Real AI Project – JP Saini, CIO of TRC

JP Saini, CIO of TRC, put AI into practice with an artificial intelligence-based enterprise search engine to enable field teams. Combining machine learning and cognitive computing with traditional systems of record,  JP describes how artificial intelligence allowed him to extract relevant, tangible, real-time information that he is now able to put in the hands of employees to drive the business forward. Watch the Video (1:33)


Shifting Culture for Agile and DevOps – Joseph Johnson, VP IT Transformation, Windstream

The rapid pace of innovation has created an urgent need for organizations to move faster. However, tools and methodologies like Agile and DevOps are useless unless they are integrated into the fabric of the company culture. Joseph Johnson, VP IT Transformation at Windstream, reveals how he addresses the challenges of fundamentally changing the way that teams work together. Watch the Video (2:04)

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The Contemporary Digital Leader – JP Sani, CIO of TRC
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