Lead/Forward Insights: As fallout from the pandemic continues, here’s what CXOs can do

In challenging times, lean on people you trust to rapidly realize your future IT vision


The evolving COVID-19 landscape is taking its toll on CXOs—financially, logistically, and emotionally. Now is one of those historic times in which possessing a strong network of peers and partners will make a difference between businesses that wane, merely subsist, or flourish. From conferring with third-party analysts, customers and partners, and commissioning custom research, VMware has identified three key challenges and offers expert advice about how to adapt and accelerate innovation.


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Challenge 1: The ongoing COVID-19 crisis continues to add new layers to CXOs’ existing strategic burdens, leaving them feeling isolated and overwhelmed.

  • Insight: CXOs aren’t going it alone. Forging strategic new partnerships and leveraging personal and professional networks help focus enterprise efforts on the most critical challenges.

Challenge 2: CXOs need to protect the total health of all employees through strategic investments in technology.

  • Insight: HR tech decision-maker influence is rising during the COVID-19 period. Now heads of IT must choose: better collaborate with Chief People Officers or face new friction.

Challenge 3: Efforts to accelerate the business to new opportunities cannot wait 18 months to start: leading CXOs are already adjusting 2030 transformation timelines to 2021.

  • Insight: To keep pace, CXOs can look to innovation in emerging tech sectors that allow rapid deployment and ROI. Automation, IoT, and edge projects now deliver safer customer experiences at scale.

Although reflecting CXOs’ darker moods when compared to the previous quarter, the current report also found much cause for optimism. Beyond the challenges, discover recommendations and advice about how CXOs can seize opportunities through practical actions that will carry them successfully to the other side of the pandemic. 










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An aggregate of business research and best practices advice, VMware Lead/Forward Insights is now available quarterly as a comprehensive report capturing the most urgent global trends impacting CXOs. Download for snapshots into the state of global business derived from third-party analyst, customer, partner, and custom research information. 


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