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Security in a Crisis: People First, JP Saini, CIO of SOS Security

One of the biggest challenges with employee work-from-home directives has been how to ensure both the physical and digital security of people and places. Some organizations have been more prepared than others, yet all have been rapidly adapting to meet the “new normal.” In this episode, we speak with JP Saini, CIO of SOS Security who has been leading efforts to keep information and humans safe, despite crisis constraints. Hear how he and his team are using technology to better serve their organization’s customers while protecting their employees working in the field.


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Remote Learning: The Pivot for Higher Education: Patrick Turner, CIO Schoolcraft College and Herb Thompson, Industry Strategist at VMware

With universities forced to close their classroom doors until the health crisis subsides, remote learning has become the only option. This presents a major challenge for traditional methods of delivering education and has caught many educators and students off guard. It does, however, offer the technology leaders at these institutions of higher education an opportunity to greatly accelerate the transition into a new era of online and remote learning. Hear from Patrick Turner, CIO of Schoolcraft College, who has been leveraging technology to solve these challenges, and Herb Thompson, Industry Security Strategist at VMware who provides his unique perspective.

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