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The Cybersecurity Industry is Broken: Tom Corn, Senior Vice President, Security Products, VMware

The security industry must transform. Tom Corn, Senior Vice President, Security Products at VMware, knows where to begin. Cloud can be the root of our solution rather than our problem if we seek ways to leverage its unique properties to secure applications and data. This will be nothing short of a transformation, and we’ve never needed that more than we do today.

  • Recognizing Security’s Structural Challenges
  • Making Security Intrinsic
  • Leveraging What You Have Today

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Forbes Insights: Cybersecurity Trailblazers Make Security Intrinsic to Their Business

The average loss suffered from a single cybersecurity breach is now close to $4 million per incident. Multiple factors are raising the risks and costs associated with cybersecurity breaches, but one thing is clear: Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and as a result, so are cybersecurity threats.


Based on a survey of 1,001 enterprises conducted by Forbes Insights, in partnership with VMware, Cybersecurity Trailblazers Make Security Intrinsic to Their Business reveals a clear delineation of characteristics and results between cybersecurity leaders and laggards. Explore those characteristics and more in this comprehensive report.


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