The Impact of an Outcome-Focused Roadmap on Your Digital Transformation

As innovative new businesses appear and traditional giants risk falling behind, organizations understand the need to go digital fast. Yet, digital transformation is not only about business survival. It also opens up new opportunities for organizations to take a closer look at how they are doing business and how to get more out of their fundamental business processes.


Organizations across all industries are striving to improve agility, strengthen core capabilities, spark innovation, and power IT to meet today’s digital business demands. Addressing these challenges requires more than a reactive strategy. It requires a thoughtful, effective roadmap that explores opportunities for value in new areas of the business, improves current capabilities and processes to drive down costs and respond faster to changing customer demands, and establishes a prescriptive path that enables IT to serve as a strategic partner to the business and its customers. 


This white paper shares a proven methodology that enables IT to uplift itself from a tactical service provider to a strategic partner that serves the business’s internal and external customers and revenue goals.


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Forbes Insights – A Road Map for The CIO Of 2025

In five years’ time, CIOs will have new responsibilities in the C-suite and across the enterprise, extending their strategic influence over product development, marketing, human resources, the supply chain and more. They will be challenged to discover new ways of generating revenue and introduce new capabilities that create unparalleled efficiencies. To help CIOs navigate the rocky path ahead is a road map reflecting the critical capabilities CIOs will have to acquire in order to excel in 2025, based on a recent global Forbes survey of more than 650 enterprise CIOs across all sectors.

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