Executive Perspectives

The Value of Choice: Betsy Sutter, Corporate SVP and Chief People Officer at VMware

We now have a tremendous opportunity to do better, and to be better. Is your organization ready? Betsy Sutter, Corporate SVP and Chief People Officer at VMware, shares ideas to help business leaders navigate forward.

  • Meeting Employees Where They Are
  • Virtual Meetings: The Great Equalizer
  • The Value of Choice


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Rethinking the Way We Work: It’s About Choice - Guest: Massimo Rapparini, CIO at Logitech

We ask the question, what is the office for? Hear Logitech's CIO, Massimo Rapparini, share his company's shift to a remote workforce, and how they are rethinking their approach while tackling the tough challenges of safely bringing people back into the office.

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